About Us

The quintessential Firenze Woman is passionate about traditions, culture, and self-discovery. She is a symbol of her heritage and celebrates the local aesthetics in a contemporary language.

Firenze was envisioned as a space for online customers, specifically women, looking to purchase good quality products along with very responsive customer service. Since its inception in 2017, the store has enjoyed tremendous success and popularity owing to the customer service provided to our online customers. Currently, Firenze has partnered with multiple labels to offer a variety of carefully curated products that may be of interest to the visitors to our eStore. 

The shopping experience at Firenze, from the time when a product is purchased until its delivery, is marked by impeccable customer care. The Firenze Woman is well looked after when she visits our eStore and our loyal customer base is proof that we “work with” the visitors at our online store.

Firenze, inspired by the rich artistic and historical legacy of Florence, caters to trendsetters and those who evolve to embrace redefined fashion.


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